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Our Seven Year Anniversary + Colorado Trip Ideas

“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” – Lewis Carroll

Facebook isn’t always my favorite, but there is something I absolutely love about it – the memories that show up each year. Eight years ago yesterday, I posted on Facebook that “vacation proved to be much more exciting than I expected” with a picture of my new engagement ring. Seven years ago yesterday, I posted that there were less than 24 hours before I got to marry my best friend.

Today, Zac and I celebrate seven years of marriage. “What are you doing for your anniversary?” some might ask. Well, traditionally, the gift of choice for a seven-year anniversary is copper. The modern gift of choice is a gift set or brass (Source: What I can assure everyone asking is that we will not be buying each other desk sets or copper.

Today, we both worked as normal. Buzz had a vet appointment this afternoon to make sure everything is up-to-date before vacation. We hung out and watched a new-to-us TV show on Netflix for a while and had tacos for dinner. Today was a pretty typical Monday for us.

The people that know us well know that our gift to each other, year after year, is our anniversary trip to Colorado. This year, we got ourselves some extra gifts prior to vacation and loaded up the truck with some new gear, got some new camping stuff, and even got Zac some new hiking boots (apparently, next year will be my year for new hiking boots) – we cannot wait to use all of our new stuff for our trip!

We will be heading out Friday afternoon for a bit over a week to our favorite place, our home away from home. Until then, it is business as usual sprinkled with packing and preparing for our trip. I’ve been working on some research for different things for us to do, but most know that when we go to Colorado, we pretty much fly by the seat of our pants.

As of right now, we have an idea of which fourteener we will be conquering (stay tuned to find out – I’m not going to spill those beans until it happens – because it might actually still change!) and a bit of an idea of the areas we want to explore. Aside from that, though, we just go with the flow when we are there. We will for sure spend some time in Summit and Park Counties, and make sure to visit a good friend in Littleton while we are there, but past that – our plans are pretty much going to be a surprise even to us!

Instead of sharing the places we for sure will be going, I figured I’d share some general touristy, fun ideas for places others could visit. I hate to let my research go to waste, so I feel better about sharing it with others. The list includes things I’ve found that would be fun, things we have already done, and others – but is definitely not all inclusive. Colorado has so much to offer. It would take multiple books to share the true vastness of the opportunities for adventure there.

Denver + Surrounding Areas

Summit + Park Counties

Telluride + Ouray

Rocky Mountain National Park + Estes Park


Again, the list above shares just a small snippet of the things to do in a few of our favorite areas of Colorado. However, there is truly so much more to explore – not only just in the places that I shared (there are so many other fun hiking spots and things to do in each of the four general locations noted) – but also everywhere else. Colorado is one giant endless adventure. In order to truly appreciate it, one must just go out there and explore.

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