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From the minute Zac, my husband (then boyfriend), and I loaded ourselves up in our little Ford Fusion for a road trip across the United States in 2013, we’ve been obsessed with travel. Our road trips turned into flights to other countries as we grew older. We have learned and grown as travelers, people, and a couple with each new adventure. 

We currently live in Des Moines, Iowa, with our four four-legged children - Jackson, Buzz, Ripley, and Rascal. Buzz loves living a life full of adventure alongside us, probably because he roamed the fields and streets for who knows how long before we found him. Rascal might be good as a road trip companion, but he finds it hard to trust new people (thus, he is difficult to travel with). As for Jackson and Ripley? They’d rather stay at home with a house sitter and nap on the couch. 

We love our lives (or, at least, I do!), and we adore where we live. When we aren’t traveling or planning trips, I can be found running the nearby trails, paddle boarding in the nearby lake, or lounging in our backyard with my favorite person and our four favorite dogs. Sometimes, you can find us both mountain biking the nearby single-track trails or walking a few of our dogs around the neighborhood. We have some really beautiful places and great recreation in the area, but there is so much more out there. 

Zac and I make sure to take at least one trip per year to Colorado, our true home away from home. Usually, Buzz is along for the ride to enjoy our week-long camping and hiking trip. Once our annual visit to our “second home” is satisfied, we go to the long bucket list of places we want to visit to pick out another trip or two. Our list includes everything from Glacier National Park to Peru. We have a lot of places still to visit, and I can’t wait to document and share each and every adventure!

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